I could just take photos of your day, leave, send you a gallery and that's it...
but that's not why I started my business.  I started it to be able to connect with people and build a trusting relationship in order to capture their story.  I want to learn about YOU and your significant other. 
 What are some of the things that irk you about them? 
What is your favorite thing about them? 
How do you see your life 40 years from now?
I want to capture the love and fun between you two, that spark that started your relationship in the first place.  Then later on in life, I hope to be able to grow with you as well with whatever life gives you.

you said yes to your best friend, now what?

i don't want to just be another stranger in your life

Whatever you need for your day, I'm your girl. 
Looking for vendor recommendations?  Need help with your engagement session outfits?  Heck, need help altering your dress because your strap broke right before you walk down the aisle?!  I got you!! When you book with Maple Hope, you book with someone who has YOU in mind.  Whatever I can do to make your life easier, is my goal.  

Since every couple is different, I wanted my collections to reflect that.  We build a custom collection to fit your wedding day needs. 

you in mind.


Photography With


Fill out my contact form and let's chat!  I'll see if I have your date open and go from there!  If I am available, I just need a 25% retainer to save your date and a contract signed.  All of this is done online so it's super simple and hasslefree!

we want you, now what?

DO NOT WORRY! As stated above, I want to get to know YOU and your story!  Whether that's asking 20 questions to truly get to know you, play games to get you moving around and interacting.... no matter what, I'm not just going to stand there and expect you to know what to do!  We'll make it fun and if you have a wedding party, I have a few tricks up my sleeve for them too!

we're not really photo people, what should we do?!

You can definitely add a second shooter on to your collection!  Normally my second shooters consist of my husband, sister or even some amazing ladies I've mentored!  Can't go wrong with a few extra candid moments with them tagging along!

Do you have second shooters?

OF COURSE! I've shot a wedding as far as Mexico and have a few out of state ones coming up!  If you're wedding is NOT in Wisconsin, make sure to let me know as my destination collections are a little different! 

Do you travel?

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