about me

I'm a hopeless romantic and love celebrating love. I still cry at the end of the Notebook even through I've watched it roughly over a thousand times (also got my husband to watch it and he even teared up a bit). I'm always one for trying new things when it comes to cooking and crafts. Zip-lining through a forest? Ehhh, maybe not!  

I was always that girl in middle school and high school that had that digital camera, always trying to capture the memories that my friends and I shared. As I got older, I felt like something was missing... I missed capturing moments. I bought my first camera in 2016 just off of Ebay, asked some friends to hang out with me for a few hours and the rest was history. It lit a spark in me that I had once lost. I soon learned that I could capture moments for people that they could cherish for a lifetime and I knew this was what I was made to do.  

photographer + wife + mama

hey there! i'm ashlee!

love from our past clients